Welcome to Hammer

Here at Hammer, we pride ourselves on our agility, creativity and dedication to our clients. Our marketing agency provides a broad range of traditional and digital marketing solutions and – owing to our ability to listen, meet and exceed expectations – our exciting portfolio of collaborators continues to grow every single day.


When we launched our very first agency in 1997 in Budapest, Hungary we knew our passion for marketing and can-do attitude would prove to be a recipe for success. And with grit and determination, we’ve kept the fire in our bellies alive ever since. Today, we proudly operate across four international offices and employ over one hundred passionate people in Prague, Budapest, Bratislava and Krakow.


Our international team of industry experts speak multiple languages and come with a diverse range of experiences, skill sets and backgrounds.

    • Péter Szoboszlay
    • Managing director
    • +36 1 453 50 90
      +36 1 368 64 38
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    • Viktória Ficzere-Fort
    • Managing director
    • +36 1 453 50 90
      +36 30 399 7999
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    • Mónika Lendvai
    • CE Finance Manager

    • Mária Lendvai
    • Head of finance

    • Zsófia Czingli
    • Finance Manager

    • Annamária Kelemen
    • Account Executive

    • Fanni Major
    • Country Manager - HU

    • Renáta Szoboszlay
    • Head of Social Manager

    • Viktória Lőrincz
    • Social Media Manager

    • Melinda Molnár
    • Creative Director

    • Róbert Régi
    • Head of Art

    • László Zentai
    • Art Director

    • Hajnalka Algács
    • Graphic designer

    • Szabolcs Balogh
    • Head of DTP

    • László Téglási
    • Retoucher

    • Lőrinc Balázs
    • DTP Graphic

    • Demon
    • Backend and InDesign Developer

    • László Soltész
    • Developer

    • Gábor Rákóczi
    • Traffic manager

    • János Perus
    • Courier

How we work

As we operate across four offices in Prague, Budapest, Bratislava and Krakow, what we offer our clients is truly competitive. Our unique set up enables us to deliver value-added solutions that stay on budget, with the utmost flexibility and professionalism.

Sometimes a project’s needs evolve rapidly and require special expertise to realise a creative vision. As we’ve grown a strong network of industry experts, there’s always someone on hand to adapt to your project’s needs in the quickest possible time.

With honesty and respect and at our core, we engage in down-to-earth dialogues. And our commitment and flexibility ensure that we offer our clients great service every single time. We are Hammer, we help you hit your target.


The world of marketing is constantly changing and, as passionate and curious people, we always strive to challenge the limits of what’s possible. That’s why our world is interconnected. As we operate within some fantastic networks and collaborate with a range of inspiring people, we share knowledge, best practice, opportunities, resources and talent across boundaries.