by the pandemic

Online meeting backgrounds
for beginners and experts

We are a little bit fed up.

Every day working in HO, one Teams meeting after another, the standard built-in backgrounds are no fun anymore. Spring is here, and it is time for rebirth and new beginnings. This is how this page was born. We have created backgrounds to lighten the hours of our virtual life. You can find some for special occasions, emphasizing your present mood, or ones the reveal your deepened relationship to your favourite tv series. Choose one, download it, activate in Teams and have fun!

From the studio

Take care what you wear with this background. It doesn’t match well with underwear.

The Temple

As a member of the Jedi Council, you really don’t have time for anything else. Spice up your day, a few Teams meetings will.

Stranger room

Be open to anything in a nice home like this. The writing’s on the wall: sometimes it’s a great help while working on a sneaky PPT presentation.

The Hobbit

...working from your home office is just as effective during the Middle-Earth pandemic.

The Iron Throne

If the meeting goes wild, you should rule yourself. Or rule others.

The White Throne

No meeting should be cancelled. Using this background your colleagues will believe that you take your job very, very seriously.


Stay on target! Join your meeting from the edge of the Galaxy.

Here comes Béla

Choose this background if you feel that last year has sucked you dry.


Never sit in front of a window during an online meeting. Only because of the backlight effect...


After arriving to a new world through the gate, you surely need to videocall your chief.

The couch

Surf in with Bud and Peggy by your side. New family for a new meeting.

Big bang

This is an ideal background for brainstorming meetings.


If the party lasted all night long and your mates are still around...

The City

These nice ladies can hardly wait the usual Thursday board meeting. They might think it is about sex...

Money heist

Put on your mask and red hood. Nobody will notice that you are gone in the middle of the virtual appointment.

The tale

Two Little-Red-Riding-Hoods and a nun. You will fit right in the middle.

The Crown

Despite it not being on your head at the moment, you can still be the King or Queen during your meeting.

From Paris with love

The weather is good now. You can join your Teams meeting from a French bench with Emily.

Family guy

If you are one, this background is for you. But this time don’t be too honest or rude with your colleagues.

Waking up with the Sims

Just another day in paradise with your 3D family. Your colleague will appreciate watching the scene during an early morning appointment.

Stranger things 1.

They may see your boss through your camera. Is he/she really that frightening?

Stranger things 2.

Never start a meeting during class. Even if your best friend is missing.

The Queen’s Gambit 1.

One glance of her eyes is enough to put an end to an online pitch presentation. With great success.

The Queen’s Gambit 2.

“One moment darling! Will you wait until I finish my teams meeting? And please, don’t cheat again!”

The bodyguard

It is always nice to arrive a meeting with your favourite buddy. He is good with swords and potions. It may come in handy.

Not the Outlander again

This background puts you on the battlefield where Scots have won their liberty. You can taste the feeling.

My room-mate: Spider-Man

He is working on serious business right now. I asked him not to disturb my short client-meeting.

Dormitory room

“Hi Spidey, come in, there is a little chicken soup in the fridge.”

HP to the rescue

He always arrives just in time to save me from a day-long HO appointment. Wingardium leviosa!

Back to school

By choosing this background, officially admit that you accept the regulations of Roxmort.

Someone is watching

Another nice solution if you are an agent and have lots of sales meetings. Here is the real power of your sales force.

Inside the Matrix

No one can be told what it is. You have to see it for yourself.


Well, if you join a meeting from here, you really don’t have much time left. You’d better start the meeting with your summary!

Millennium Falcon

Sometimes it is nice to join a board meeting while chilling out with Luke, Obi, Han and Chewie on board.


Another sales meeting is ahead? Bring your sales team and show your best.

Infinite war

Sometimes it is nice to join a board meeting while chilling out with Luke, Obi, Han and Chewie on board.

School bus

Sitting next to some schoolgirls from Stranger Things doesn’t have to spoil your Teams meeting. But the ice-cream definitely can, landing on your new suit. Be careful.

Home is where the office is

Even if we work far away from our usual working place, teamwork can give us the feeling we are in the madhouse. OK, why not?

I want it all