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Pretail. Omnichannel. Experiential. These were some of the key words in Ákos Kozák’s presentation at Hammer Agency Hungary on May 13th. The goal of this short, in person meetup was to educate the team about the newest trends of retail marketing.

The title of the course was simply:
The future of retail.

We spent an exciting 2 hours listening to the thoughts of Ákos, who worked for 30 years as the leader of GFK Hungária Ltd., the most prestigious market research company in Hungary with 75 years of professional background. He started with the basic economic facts about the country – the sociological background, the urbanisation system and the current state of retail from small shops to hypermarkets. In the second part of his presentation, many of us were shocked by the latest trends introduced by Ákos. Many, new ideas filled my mind: retail theming, pretailer companies, underground economy, wearable computing, omnichannel communication, pop-up and experiential stores, grocerants, voice commerce, virtual dressing-rooms and intelligent shelves. Following this heavy brain-expansion, we had a friendly conversational section about these matters accompanied by very tasty pizza.