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Checking in on the Hammer Forest.

Last year, as a gift to, and on behalf of our clients, we started an ambitious tree-planting project together with our colleagues across five European countries. In Hungary we are proud to have planted over 2,000 Oak and Pear trees in the Ócsa Landscape Protection Area.

This year, we thought we’d check in on our tree-babies: see how much they’ve grown and how they faired over the past year.

So, we took a day off, packed our phones, drones, and a picknick lunch and travelled to see the result of our work. We hope the video speaks for itself, but our trees are growing just fine. It’s not a full forest yet, but it’s a promising start. All of them reaching for the sky like we do for our clients. The day in the Hammer Forest was not just a great day in the arms of Mother Nature but it also made us feel good knowing we’ve done something for the planet. The purpose of the project was to help the environment and help even in a small way to safeguard the future for everyone. We hope that more will join us, with similar projects and many more trees will be planted. The 2000 Oaks we planted so far are also symbols of the success Hammer Agency Network shares with all our clients.